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InterSpiritual MentorTraining Program



Click Here for a PDF: Mentor Training (8-9-13)

This training program is offered by Ed Bastian of the Spiritual Paths Institute in association with such institutions as One Spirit Learning Alliance and the Chaplaincy Institute to help participants create their personal spiritual path and contemplative practice based on the wisdom teachings of the world’s great traditions.  The program offers mentoring certification to students who fulfill all requirements.  Whether or not you are a member of a spiritual tradition, this training program offers a non-sectarian process to help you create inner meaning, purpose, wisdom, compassion, tranquility as well as a life of service to others.  For a list of classes, please check our home page.

The InterSpiritual Certificate Training Program entails a process of Inquiry, Insight and Integration.  It helps each individual to create a personal spiritual path through the “Mandala Process” and “InterSpiritual Meditation.”  This program begins with a personal profile instrument for assessing one’s archetypal spiritual learning styles and spiritual questions.  It then provides books, workbooks, audio-visual materials, online courses and resources to help participants harness their styles and questions to cultivate the best spiritual and contemplative practices for them.  The program combines meaningful personal inquiry with disciplined study of authentic source materials, teachers and exemplars from the world’s great spiritual, philosophical, mythological, and scientific traditions.   It challenges participants to “become the change they wish for the world ” and to “lead from within” by cultivating their own personal spiritual path.

For information on dates and locations, please go to the Programs and Classes section of this website.  For details on the mentor training and enrollment procedures, contact

(NOTE: Some of these classes are also open to InterSpiritual students who do not wish to become certified mentors.)


  • Train participants to fully engage in the Mandala Process and InterSpiritual Meditation to create their personal paths and practices.
  • Train teachers and mentors to guide others in this process.
  • Create a community of mentors to support their work with mentees.
  • Provide mentors with ongoing support and materials for both in-person and online courses and personal mentoring.
  • Partner with like-minded educational organizations to offer this certificate program to their students, members and constituents.


INQUIRY – The Mandala Process
The process of inquiry focuses on the Spiritual Paths Mandala that outlines twelve families of spiritual styles, questions, and traditions.  Through the Mandala Process, students and mentors-in-training learn to use our profiling instruments, methodology, workbook, course readings book, and course website.  Participants will learn to help themselves and others to discover their own spiritual styles, honor their deepest spiritual questions and discern the best spiritual practices for their lives. 

INSIGHT – InterSpiritual Meditation (ISM)
InterSpiritual Meditation provides students and mentors-in-training with a process for creating a contemplative practice based on her/his own spiritual styles along with the teachings of authentic contemplative traditions and their own life experience.  Here, trainees will use our books, workbook, guided meditations and course website to master the theory and the seven-step practice of ISM, develop their own personal practice, and learn to mentor others in this process.

INTEGRATION – Leading from Within – Self, Family, Career & Community
Mentors will integrate their own working knowledge and experience by mentoring and teaching their own students while using our resources of the workbooks, books, audios, and course websites.  Mentors and mentees will learn to integrate their internal spiritual values and experiences into their relationships, careers and community.