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Ed Summarizes
the “Mandala Process”

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Ed Summarizes
“InterSpiritual Meditation”

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  • Father & Son Conversation with Ed & Jonathan Bastian

    On May 17, 2014, Ed Bastian and his son Jonathan engaged in a conversation on the topic of “Sacred Self & Sacred Earth” at the Festival of Faiths in Louisville, […]

  • Radio Interview: Ed Bastian & Rabbi Rami Shapiro

    Rabbi Rami is a dear friend and colleague who has published many books and articles including his monthly column in Spirituality and Health Magazine.  He also has a weekly radio […]

  • Serving the Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR)

    We are entering a hopeful and exciting new time in the ‘history of religion’ on our planet.   Polls tell us that over 70% of the emerging millennial generation population […]

  • Creating Your Spiritual Path – Leading from Within

    In these programs, we will learn to “lead from within” by using the Spiritual Paths Mandala process for discovering our natural archetypal spiritual styles, finding answers to our deepest spiritual […]

  • Inquiry, Insight, Integration

    Inquiry, Insight, Integration The overarching purpose of our process of inquiry, insight and integration is to help each student to develop a spiritual foundation leading to personal fulfillment, healthy relationships, […]

  • InterSpiritual Training Program

    This new InterSpiritual Mentor Training Program is offered by Ed Bastian and the Spiritual Paths Institute in partnership with the Chaplaincy Institute, One Spirit Learning Alliance and other leading organizations […]


    During the coming year, Spiritual Paths will focus primarily on the following initiatives: Creating Your Spiritual Path (Leading from Within through the Spiritual Paths Mandala) InterSpiritual Meditation: A Seven-Step Process […]

  • A New Audio & Video of InterSpiritual Meditation

    My home and office is a 38 foot sailboat in the Santa Barbara harbor.  Her name is Uma Karuna.  “Uma” is Tibetan for middle or the middle path.  “Karuna” is Sanskrit […]

  • Video Intro by Ed Bastian

    Here is a video of Ed Bastian speaking at the Aspen Chapel on April 28, 2013.  It provides an overview and rationale for both the Mandala Process and InterSpiritual Meditation.

  • InterSpiritual Meditation

      InterSpiritual Meditation (ISM) is a seven-step process drawn from the world’s contemplative and spiritual traditions.  It is a non-sectarian practice designed for both individual and interfaith group practice. ISM […]